Wasaike House
Preserving a simple and traditional taste of the original architecture while being renovated

Get prepared for check in

Please check out the below information to get you well prepared on the check-in arrangement.

If you prefer reading and printing out the whole information, we also prepared the document online and offline.

  • What are included?
    • House WIFI,
    • Smooth communication in Japanese, English, Chinese or German language,
    • Different bed settings possible for your group: bunk bed, double bed, Japanese futon, sofa bed,
    • Free easy raw breakfast,
    • Universal power and USB plugs access,
    • Up to 2 of our bikes that are free to use during your stay (only by prior request and is subject to availability).
  • From KIX airport to the house

    The station near Wasaike house is 西九条 (Nishikujo)

    House address is: 〒554-0012 大阪市此花区西九条1-5-13和彩家

    Google map route from KIX Airport to Wasaike House: https://goo.gl/maps/cF4heUaBtrH2

    Duration is 1 - 1:15 hour

    Please be sure to choose the direct route as indicated in the above picture (1190 yen for adult). It is not easy for a foreigner to transit between stations if you choose an indirect train route.

    Last train leaves at 23:32. In case you cannot catch up with the last train, you may have to catch taxis or wait until 05:50 for the first train of the next day.

    1. Please find this gate of blue JR line to Osaka.
    2. (If you have an EC card such as SUICA or ICOCA, you can skip this step.) Select the end station 西九条 (Nishikujo) and buy this ticket:
    3. Take the direct train of Kansaikuko Line 関空快速 to 西九条 (Nishikujo), you don’t need to transit in the meantime:
    4. After passing through the gate, turn left.
    5. You will see this exit, you can choose elevator or simply walk down. There are luggage lockers in front of the elevator.
    6. Safe and Smooth
      For just 3 minute, the road is smooth, low traffic, and VERY safe, thanks to a Police Station on the way.

      Follow this route on foot for about 3 minutes and you will find Wasaike house.
    7. The key box will be above the letter box “和彩家” at the right side of the entrance. We will provide you with the key box PIN when the arrival date is close.
    8. Please use the key inside to lock and unlock the door.
      During your stay, please keep the whole key box in the house.
      When you check out, please lock the entrance, put back the key into the key lock box, and place the key lock box back above our letter box.
  • About Wasaike keeping the guest list

    Similar to other licensed hotels and guesthouses, in order to keep records for police and fight against crimes and terrorism, we are obligated by law to keep a guest list, which includes full name, and passport ID of each guest.

    We will handle these data confidentially and will only use them as permitted by data protection legislation, and for the purpose of keeping records for police and fighting against crimes and terrorism.

    Upon arrival, please fill in guest form we will provide to you. Or email us your whole guest list together with the passport copy of the booking person in advance: [email protected]

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • Where to find Pocket WiFi?

    Rented Pocket WiFi for Japan can be picked up most probably in your home country in advance or at Japan airports.

    Alternatively, you can buy IIJmio SIM cards and other prepaid SIM cards at Yodobashi Camera shops. Osaka has several branches of Yodobashi Camera. The main branch is the Yodobashi Camera Umeda Store (https://goo.gl/maps/A9TUcmos1cM2 ), which is just outside the north/central gate of JR Osaka Station, and also a short walk west of Hankyu Umeda Station. You’ll see the SIM cards on display roughly in front of you when you enter on the ground floor. There’s usually someone around who can speak English to help you (but you don’t really need help – the packages display the price, the volume of data and the usable period in English).

    Please note that, if you are to purchase SIM cards or pocket WIFI in Japan, the shop might check your passport and visa to ensure you are a tourist. Please remember to bring necessary documents along.

  • Breakfast menu

    We offer exclusive free raw breakfast items upfront upon check-in. Items are as follows:

    Drinks: milk, juice

    Foods: bread, hams, eggs, butter, snacks, cornflakes, etc

    Fruits: banana, apples,etc

    By default, we will distribute each item according to normal practice, number of guests and length of stay.

    In case your group has any preferences, please contact us with enough notice before arrival, and we could alter the default distribution way.

  • Bed settings

    2 bunk beds, 1 double bed, and 2 floor mattresses are provided for the first 8 guests of a group.

    More floor mattresses, sofa beds, and japanese futon beds could be provided on 2/F and then on 1/F according to the remaining number of guests and normal practice.

    In case you have any special requests on bed settings, please contact us with enough notice before arrival.